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Inside Reign: Syd + Pinoe [x]

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I’m warning you, I am a lethal killing machine.

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"Stonewall was colored folks, poor folks, transsexuals, femmes, butches… a little bit of everybody. But the narrative that gets sold to people is that it was all these ‘A-Gay’ white normative people. That’s not who riots. Sorry."

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"that’s not who riots".

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THATS NOT WHO RIOTS!! so perfect

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c’mon grab your friends


c’mon grab your friends

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I am currently on a school trip to Japan with 20 of my high school students and it only took 10 hours for them to accidentally start calling me mom.

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"People who believe they’ll be happy if they go and live somewhere else, learn it doesn’t work that way. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you."

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- Hey ladies


- Hey ladies

the GENDER ebook

Hi, friend! 

This is where you can pay what you can (yes, even $0) to download your very own copy of the GENDER book. That’s right, because this information is so priceless, we’re giving it away.

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If you have it in your heart to give more, please do. Remember, 50% of our proceeds go to a book scholarship fund for schools, churches, and individuals in need. The other half goes back into the project, paying our hosting bills, helping with print costs, and compensating the artists who donated 4 years of hard work to make this book a reality. By giving, you enable us to keep on working for you to make educational materials available to all for no cost.

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